We recently had an opportunity to chat with Stacia Fernandez, writer, singer, actress and star of Middle Stage, a fictional video blog of a middle- aged actress trying to remain relevant in her industry. In Middle Stage, we meet your fictional alter-ego, Marina Lippon. Was there somebody in your life who helped shape your character? […]


Inspiration can sometimes be found in the unlikeliest places. I happened to find my inspiration for the New Year while enjoying a little guilty pleasure—the latest animated film from Disney/Pixar, Brave. You see, almost every little girl has dreamt of being a little princess. Our imaginations run wild and we picture futures full of endless […]


Is losing your “cool factor” a gradual change? Or do we quickly go from being young and hip to old and embarrassing? In her book How Not to Act Old, author Pamela Redmond Satran offers her perspective on the topic. And 185 ways to pass for the formerly cool—and hipper—version of ourselves. If you ever […]


Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to pile up at the exact same time? I just did. And I’ve coined a new term for it: the Menopause Trifecta. Yesterday, I  braved a crowded mall for a few Christmas presents. Had my list, a plan of attack and out the door […]