Natural Menopause

What to Expect from Natural Menopause

Once a woman notices her periods changing in frequency and length, the natural menopause countdown begins. This is a very important time to be accurately recording the changes in your body. After an entire year without a period, you have finally entered menopause.

This should be a relief to most women. The symptoms that were causing you great discomfort will start to let up. Estrogen levels are balancing out. Hot flashes and night sweats aren’t nearly as frequent. It is a time when we can begin to feel better physically and emotionally. Our mood swings will most probably become lessened, as well.

A relatively small number of us might not reach menopause until after 60. Those women who experience a late menopause will have basically the same menopause symptoms as anyone else.

Now that menopause is over, treat the stage of post menopause as a chance to learn to be you. Do things that feel good to your body and soul. Treat yourself well and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.