Exercise & Menopause

Exercise and Menopause? Start With a Plan.

Exercise and menopause go hand in hand. Just one of the benefits is relief from hot flashes. Unfortunately for some of us, exercise doesn’t always seem to be a priority. Instead of doing something for ourselves, we tend to spend time taking care of those around us. It’s important to remember that in order to take better care of those we love, we need to take better care of ourselves during menopause. Exercise is the right place to start.

If you are searching for ways to relieve some of your menopausal symptoms, take a walk around the block. An exercise plan helps reduce stress because your body produces mood enhancers, called endorphins. This can probably help you in trying to get a good night’s sleep and improving your attitude toward sex.

If you combine exercise and menopause with a healthy diet, it could result in weight loss, muscle development, and improved circulation. Exercise also boosts immunity and increases your body’s natural antioxidants. There is the added bonus of relief from PMS and muscle cramps which you might still be experiencing until your periods end.

If going to the gym or getting on a treadmill sounds dreadful, consider yoga for menopause. The simple stretching and strengthening exercises are a great benefit to menopausal women . Some women see a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats with the help of breathing, posture and meditation practiced during yoga. It’s definitely worth trying and the benefits can be life changing.

Exercise and menopause will help you feel better and can ease other symptoms, as well.