Weight Gain

Weight Gain During Menopause

Weight gain during menopause is the last thing a woman wants. Your metabolism is slowing down, causing your body to take longer in burning calories. Unfortunately, this might coincide with other symptoms of menopause that make you want to eat a pound of chocolate but you do have control over what you put in your mouth.

Did you know that eating 200 fewer calories a day, could help you maintain your weight during your menopausal transition?

Weight gain during menopause, especially around the middle, might be the encouragement you need to make some lifestyle changes. It doesn’t just make us uncomfortable; it affects our health. This is a good time with everything going on in your body to talk to your doctor about nutrition and exercise. Opening up those lines of communication will help you feel better.

A sedentary lifestyle will only contribute to the growing mid-section. Hopefully, this will encourage you to get moving and take some small steps to a more active you. During menopause, you want to grow up, not out. We have choices and when we make healthy ones, we empower ourselves.