Menopause & Memory

Menopause Memory Loss

Menopause memory loss has many women complaining of memory problems that contribute to a general fuzzy-headed feeling. It isn’t unusual for these women to forget a name or complete a task. We can all forget things, especially when we don’t get a good night’s sleep. At those times, it’s easy to blame it on our fluctuating menopause estrogen levels.

A tired body leads to a tired brain. The challenges that face our bodies while going through menopause puts extra stress on our tired brains. Not to mention the fact that as women we tend to pile a lot on our plates. Reducing the stress we place on ourselves and prioritizing what’s important in our lives, might help to reduce those worries. A little menopause humor wouldn’t hurt.

Don’t neglect your eyes. While lowered estrogen levels have been linked to poor verbal memory and mental quickness, dry eyes and weakening eyesight can complicate matters unnecessarily. Get your vision checked to see if that may help with your menopause memory loss.