Menopause Fatigue

Combatting Menopause Fatigue

Does menopause fatigue leave you so exhausted emotionally that, even after eight hours of sleep, you’re still tired? Sleep restores our mental and physical energy but menopause often robs us of that experience. Night sweats, anxiety, and insomnia can leave you feeling drowsy, fatigued and irritable.

No matter how much sleep we get, it seems like it’ll never be enough. And you’ve probably noticed that you need more sleep now than ever before. Just remember, our old sleep patterns don’t necessarily apply any more. You need sleep to feel that your batteries are recharged. Catnaps are fine.

What can you do to help with your menopause fatigue? Eat balanced meals. Watch that sugar intake and your carbs. Create a relaxing environment before bed and avoid listening to, or reading, anything that might disturb you. And stop worrying, if at all possible. You’ll likely have a different perspective in the morning.