Menopause and Anxiety

Confronting Menopause and Anxiety

Are you concerned by the effects of menopause and anxiety on your lifestyle?

If you’ve never had an anxiety attack, but think you’re experiencing symptoms, the menopause transition might be to blame. Racing heart, lack of concentration, fatigue, nausea and jittery feelings might seem all too common right now. Tasks you completed with ease now leave you feeling anxious and panicky. Anxiety is a rather common menopause symptom.

Your mind can be as affected by declining estrogen levels as your body. Anxiety, depression, and mood swings can occur at any age, but rarely as frequently as they do during menopause. There might be many reasons for these feelings. Anxiety and depression, for example, are common with surgically induced menopause. Poor sleeping habits, possibly due to night sweats and sleep disruption, everyday stress, and the experience of menopause itself can produce these feelings of anxiety.

Talk to a medical professional if menopause and anxiety is impacting everyday life. Lean on your friends and spouse in helping you reduce some of the pressure you might be feeling. An exercise plan and relaxation techniques can really help to relieve your anxiety. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.