Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin and Menopause

Can your dry, itchy skin be a symptom of menopause? Quite possibly. Many women experience itchy, crawly skin along with hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings during menopause.

What causes this condition? There are a couple of possibilities.

Dehydration. You’re probably not drinking enough water, even though you know how important it is. Your skin then starts to dry out, gets flaky and itches like crazy.

Nerves. Menopause and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. Some women tend to get itchy skin as a result of this anxiety, maybe even resulting in a rash or worse, hives. Calm down and relax.

Weather. Depending on where you live, the temperature, humidity levels, pollution and local allergies can have an impact on your skin. Too hot and it’s drying out. Too cold and it’s drying out. Or maybe, depending on the season, allergies are affecting your skin, as well.

Hot Flashes. You probably notice it most around the same time you’re having a hot flash. It’s the perfect combination. Hot, sweaty skin and the feeling of little bugs crawling all over.

Estrogen. Estrogen may have the biggest impact on your skin. Since your body is not making enough, there is a decrease in the collagen levels.

Don’t despair. Take care of your body. Drink your water. Wear sunscreen when necessary. Find a good lotion that keeps your skin moist and happy. This too shall pass.