Bleeding During Menopause

Spotting or Bleeding During Menopause

Walking around with panty liners in your purse because of random bleeding during menopause might not be a bad idea. Although menopause is supposed to be an end of menstruation, irregular periods at this point can drive you crazy. Your periods might come more frequently or be accompanied by spotting or heavy bleeding during menopause. Everyone is different, so try not to compare yourself to your friends.

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle, how long it lasts and how heavy, can help you see significant changes. This way you know what’s normal for you. Knowing when that last period took place is important because you’ll want to record a whole year period-free. This will mean you have finally reached menopause and can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

There is still the possibility for pregnancy and menopause. Use some form of birth control until you have been period free for a whole year. And understand, if you still experience bleeding, the clock starts over and you may consider consulting your doctor. Women have had babies during this menopause stage.