Average Age of Menopause

What is the Average Age of Menopause?

The average age of menopause varies among women. Studies show that many will see signs by age 51. Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 58, though, is when most women will start to experience symptoms of menopause.  This stage is called perimenopause.  During perimenopause, you’ll start to notice changes, but your periods will continue. And while there is a long list of potential symptoms, don’t expect each one. Every woman will experience this time in her life in her own way.

If you are younger than 45, it may seem early, but is not necessarily uncommon. It doesn’t mean that your symptoms will end any earlier, only that they started sooner than you thought. In some cases, it might only be temporary, especially if you’ve recently lost a dramatic amount of weight, have an eating disorder, live with a lot of stress or exercise excessively. Your periods could resume with positive changes to your lifestyle. Perimenopause can occur as early as age 27. You’ll likely have the same symptoms as everyone else, including hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods and vaginal dryness.

The average age of menopause can be influenced by other factors, as well. Smoking has a negative impact on our bodies and can trigger symptoms earlier. There are some women whose bodies experience induced menopause because of certain diseases and medical treatment received. Chemotherapy, pelvic radiation, and surgery can force a woman’s body into menopause. Younger women have a better chance of resuming their periods, but that doesn’t happen in every case. Be sure to ask your doctor about these side effects and what your course of action should be.

You know your body better than anyone. If you think things are different or are noticing changes to your menstrual cycle, have it checked out. Though you may not have reached the average age of menopause, you may still be experiencing early symptoms.