Preparing Your Spouse

Preparing Your Spouse for Menopause

How can preparing your spouse for menopause help as you transition through this stage in your life? Having someone on your side can make things easier, even though you might not want him around. That’s understandable. However, a calming voice or gentle touch can go a long way.

Your spouse may not comprehend the changes your body is going through. And may not even want to. So you might have to take a little initiative. Here are a few ideas to keep your relationship moving forward:

  • Keep the lines of communication open. More than likely, you don’t live with a mind reader.
  • Maintain a level of intimacy that keeps both of you happy. It does take a little bit of work and creativity.
  • Develop a common interest or hobby. Spend time together doing something you both enjoy.
  • Plan separate activities. You’ll need some time apart, too.
  • Explain your symptoms and share your feelings. He needs to know what he’s dealing with.
  • Watch your attitude. It’s not always going to be a lot of fun to be around you.
  • Suggest some reading material to help in preparing your spouse for menopause and recognizing its symptoms.
  • Lean on your husband for encouragement and support. That’s why he’s there.
  • Notice that he might be going through some changes, too. Male hormones don’t run out but levels can decline. He also might experience a decreased libido, feelings of depression and fatigue. You’re not the only one going through changes.
  • Encourage your partner to get regular physicals. A little motivation can go a long way and be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Stay healthy as a team. Exercise, watch what you eat, and maybe even cook together.

Menopause is going to happen to all of us. For some, it goes by with hardly a notice. For others, it poses some challenges. Ask for support when you need it and space when you don’t. Engage those you love. It can make all the difference in preparing your spouse for menopause.