Journaling: Discover Your Voice

Journaling is a great way to take action during menopause. Many women feel closed off during this time with so many confusing symptoms and conflicting ideas about how they should be feeling. Writing in a diary helps to get rid of negative ideas and nervous energy. It replaces them with creativity and self confidence.

A personal diary can help to nurture a woman’s spirit by allowing a steady stream of ideas. Start by just putting words to paper. Don’t edit or worry about grammar. If you can’t think of anything to write, write about feelings or a conversation you might want to have. Just let those thoughts flow onto the paper. You never know where they might lead.

Keeping a gratitude diary is a way to move your direction of thought to be more positive and uplifting. This can be especially helpful with your ever changing moods and emotions during menopause. Keep your focus throughout the day on those things that inspire gratitude. Take time each night to write them down. What a great way to use positive energy. It might even help get a good night’s sleep.

A symptom diary can help figure out what stage of menopause you’re in by keeping a record of your menopause symptoms, how long you’ve had them, and how they make you feel. Also, use it to keep track of your menstrual cycles and any changes you notice. This will be very useful in talking to your doctor.

Many women find a food diary helpful in explaining the weight gain experienced during menopause. Start recording not only what you eat but how you feel while you were eating. You might discover that eating has become a response to symptoms during menopause. Are you eating when you feel tired or stressed? This food journal can be a handy tool for stopping bad habits and monitoring your food intake.