Female Friendships

Female Friendships on Your Menopause Journey

The importance of female friendships should not be overlooked during menopause. The bond you have with a good friend is different than that of other relationships. A friend walks the journey with you during many different stages of your life (including perimenopause). This is a person you can share things with when your husband or partner is looking at you with a blank stare because they don’t understand.

The connection between women helps to keep us sane and eliminates the feelings of isolation that can sometimes accompany menopause. Girlfriends make us laugh and help us see the reality of a situation we think is spinning out of control.

Nurture your female relationships. Enlist a friend to exercise with or go for a walk. Maybe, you need the support of someone to take a class with or try something new like tap dancing. It could happen. It usually helps if you’re not alone and they won’t let you back out.

Everyone needs an outlet and female friendships are a great place to look. Having a friend who knows exactly what you’re feeling because she’s been there is just what you might need. Join a menopause forum, where you can connect with other women, share your ideas and look for answers.