Exercise Plan

Menopause and Your Personal Exercise Plan

Look into joining a gym or recreational center as part of your menopause exercise plan. Some are exclusively for women which might be more comfortable if working out hasn’t been your focus in awhile. Both coed and clubs for only women offer a wide variety of classes and sometimes even nutritional guidelines.

When in doubt, grab your iPod, download some meditation or motivational exercises, and get moving. Grab a girlfriend, because chances are she feels the same way you do and wouldn’t mind some support and encouragement. Knowing someone else is having a similar perimenopause symptom can be comforting.

Exercise for the mind is just as important. Join a book club or challenge yourself by reading the New York Times bestseller list.

Learn about something you’ve always wanted to do, maybe a new language or how to bake bread. The important thing is to have an active mind.

Make plans and do what interests you so that somewhere down the road you don’t spend your time regretting. Dream and don’t stop there–make those dreams happen. Remember you are powerful and empowered.

Exercise and menopause should be part of your daily regimen. Start with a plan.