Community Guidelines & Policies

Community Guidelines & Policies

We created Menopause ChitChat as a forum for women to make connections during their journey through menopause. As the community grows, it’s important that we ensure both safety and consistency for our members. In order to do that, we ask that you review the following forum guidelines and policies:

Menopause ChitChat is a private forum. Our community was designed specifically for women in or approaching menopause. Membership and approval are required and Menopause ChitChat reserves the right to decline prospective members as necessary.

Comments posted by members do not necessarily reflect the views of Menopause ChitChat, nor are members qualified to provide medical advice. Consult your doctor or other medical professional if you have questions regarding specific symptoms, treatments, or conditions. Posts inquiring about prescriptions and dosage levels will be deleted.

All comments, posts, and discussions are moderated. We want to make sure that members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. As a private forum, Menopause ChitChat will occasionally edit or delete posts based on content. We also expect all members to abide by basic forum etiquette. Failure to do so will potentially result in suspension from the community.

As our goal is to keep our content fresh and the community engaged, we also ask our members not to add multiple posts on the same topic. We find that other members respond more readily to a single discussion thread. And ultimately, same-topic posts tend to make other equally relevant discussions less visible.

Members are asked to refrain from openly promoting their services, products, or websites. While we often review various offerings, and encourage members to pass along helpful resources, we ask that you exercise discretion. Requests for member email addresses is prohibited. To maintain the integrity of the forum, we do NOT allow open solicitation, product placement, spam, or prayer requests.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding forum policies and guidelines, feel free to contact me at