We Are a Private, Online Community for Women in Menopause.

There are over 37.5 million women currently in menopause in the United States alone, with over 6,000 women entering menopause every day. But let’s face it. Menopause is just not a topic we can openly discuss with our family or friends. And even our doctors sometimes have a hard time understanding us.

We want to give women a voice.

Menopause ChitChat is the largest online community specifically for women facing the everyday challenges of menopause. We’ve become a platform on which you can ask questions, share your story, and join other women in a safe and private forum. Kind of like friends chatting over coffee.

women chatting“You will find amazing care and support here from ladies who understand. You will hear many say they have the same issues. You are not alone.”

We want to make the connections and deliver the resources you need to better manage your journey.

Join over 3,500 members in our private menopause forum. Membership is free and gives you access to several features, including discussion posts, live online chat, a video library, member blogs, and a personal profile page. Sign up today!

How we started

OstermanWhen the reality that I might be entering menopause finally settled in, I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about this next phase of my life. What are the symptoms? What else should I expect? How is my life going to change? I needed answers, but was overwhelmed by the thousands of websites and articles on the subject.

What I really wanted was a place to get the important information in a comfortable, relaxed setting. So I did a lot of research, talked with a lot of people, and created Menopause ChitChat. Our community has grown quickly and was recently named one of Healthline’s top menopause health blogs. I’ve also been fortunate to have been recognized as a Top Ten Social Healthmaker by Sharecare.

I hope you’ll find this website helpful as you navigate the winding road through menopause.

What’s next?

We think it’s time for women all over the world to step up, share their stories and lend their voices to a new conversation about menopause. As an online community, we want you to be part of this movement and join us on our journey.

Want to get in touch?

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Holly Osterman, Founder